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The Professor and The Hack is a frank discussion about politics and current affairs from two of the most experienced and trusted sources in the country.

Network 10's Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss what is happening in Australian politics and get to the bottom of what is really going on.

Hugh Riminton

Hugh Riminton

The Hack
Peter Van Onselen

Peter Van Onselen

The Professor
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9th Jul 2021

Episode 100: Living with the Virus

Vaccine Rollout, Sydney Lockdown and Listener Questions

Episode image

21st Jun 2021

Episode 99: The Killing Season

It's that time again

Episode image

17th Jun 2021

Episode 98: Acting PM

Step right up Mr. McCormack

Episode image

10th Jun 2021

Episode 97: War Games

and painful segways

Episode image

3rd Jun 2021

Episode 96: Bad Weather Bias

It's easier to say it's going to rain

Episode image

1st Jun 2021

Episode 95: Tragic Irony

Lockdown's back

Episode image

1st Jun 2021

Episode 94: Shake The Mess Around

or don't

Episode image

13th May 2021

Episode 93: A Budget Week Special

The wrap up

Episode image

3rd May 2021

Episode 92: Get Stuffed Sentiment

If you're on your way back from India

Episode image

29th Apr 2021

Episode 91: Taiwan Looms

What's to come?

Episode image

6th Apr 2021

Episode 90: The Ex-PM and The Hack

Malcolm Turnbull

Episode image

23rd Mar 2021

Episode 89: Floods and Scandal

Or scandals and floods

Episode image

8th Mar 2021

Episode 87: The AOTY and The Hack

Special guest Grace Tame

Episode image

23rd Feb 2021

Episode 86: Do You Never Rest?

and other matters in domestic politics

Episode image

16th Feb 2021

Episode 85: Stunned Silence


Episode image

16th Feb 2021

Episode 84: A Debate We Had To Have

well, now we're having it

Episode image

1st Feb 2021

Episode 83: Back At It

Like we were never gone

Episode image

22nd Jan 2021

Episode 82: A Cry for Survival

with Professor Simon Jackman

Episode image

12th Jan 2021

Episode 81: We Should Have Seen It Coming

We kind of did

Episode image

10th Dec 2020

Episode 80: Year in Review

we made it!

Episode image

1st Dec 2020

Episode 79: The Fringe of Western Society

Our relations with China

Episode image

23rd Nov 2020

Episode 78: We're All in This Together

Just a couple of regular blokes

Episode image

17th Nov 2020

Episode 77: Deep Isolation

Maybe we'll never see him again

Episode image

8th Nov 2020

Episode 76: A New President

Goodbye 45, hello 46!

Episode image

27th Oct 2020

Episode 75: An Unusual Four Years

The big day approaches

Episode image

2nd Dec 2020

Episode 74: Armed to the Teeth

Live from the states

Episode image

15th Oct 2020

Episode 73: Mr. Riminton Goes to Washington

Hugh does his best Jimmy Stewart impression

Episode image

7th Oct 2020

Episode 72: Budget Wrap Up

It's a numbers show

Episode image

24th Sep 2020

Episode 71: It's a Gas Gas Gas!

Almost like the climate is changing

Episode image

2nd Dec 2020

Episode 70: The Biblical Age of Demise

Is that a boat?

Episode image

2nd Dec 2020

Episode 69: The Gold Standard

It's complicated

Episode image

1st Sep 2020

episode 68: It's spring

It's sprung

Episode image

26th Aug 2020

Episode 67: Armed Neutrality

Aged care extravaganza

Episode image

19th Aug 2020

Episode 66: Sand in the cogs

and much more

Episode image

2nd Dec 2020

Episode 65: Kicking a Fiscal Can

So much debt

Episode image

2nd Dec 2020

Episode 64: A Cliff or a Steady Downward Spiral?

It's a fall of some sort

Episode image

4th Aug 2020

Episode 63: Partisan by nature

*cough cough*

Episode image

26th Jul 2020

Episode 62: Back once again

It felt like weeks

Episode image

7th Jul 2020


We're off this week

Episode image

28th Jun 2020

Episode 61: A map of Shanghai and a compass

All it takes to be a spy

Episode image

18th Jun 2020

Episode 60: Higher education

If you can afford it

Episode image

15th Jun 2020

Episode 59: The Hack and The Branch Stacker

Plus another election prediction

Episode image

10th Jun 2020

Episode 58: There's no place like childcare

We aren't in Kansas anymore

Episode image

Episode 57: The good old days

First home owners and The United States

Episode image

31st May 2020

Episode 56: America Burns

A crumbling super power?

Episode image

28th May 2020

Episode 55: The Frog and The Scorpion

That old fable

Episode image

24th May 2020

Episode 54: 60 Billion dollars!

Sometimes you just find it

Episode image

20th May 2020

Episode 53: We're getting old

In podcast terms

Episode image

18th May 2020

Episode 52: Coming out the other side

If we can

Episode image

12th May 2020

Episode 51: Back in black

Budget wise that is

Episode image

3rd May 2020

Episode 50: Still no Albo

Jacinda Ardern instead

Episode image

26th Apr 2020

Episode 49: Anything can fall

And it probably will

Episode image

23rd Apr 2020

Episode 48: Where do they get off?

Money episode.

Episode image

19th Apr 2020

Episode 47: Are things getting better?

We hope they are.

Episode image

16th Apr 2020

Episode 46: Confession is good for the soul

But bad for the reputation

Episode image

15th Apr 2020

Episode 45: Children and Corona

A very different easter

Episode image

15th Apr 2020

Episode 44: Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

The current state of COVID affairs

Episode image

2nd Apr 2020

Episode 43: Politicians are humans

That's right, even politicians have feelings

Episode image

29th Mar 2020

Episode 42: Inconvenienced versus In Need

Both Hugh and PVO embrace the working from home ethos and dial in to discuss

Episode image

23rd Mar 2020

Episode 41: Straddling Two High Wires

Mixed messages and schools prepare for shutdown

Episode image

19th Mar 2020

Episode 40: Escape Hatch

Big dramas ahead

Episode image

15th Mar 2020

Episode 39: COVID-19

The global pandemic hits close to home with Hugh in Isolation.

Episode image

10th Mar 2020

Episode 38: No crisis without opportunity

How will the Corona virus impact the economy

Episode image

2nd Mar 2020

Episode 37: Coming Uncertainty

Coronavirus and Sports Rorts

Episode image

24th Feb 2020

Episode 36: Mangled At First Sight

We believe in merit!

Episode image

11th Feb 2020

Episode 35: Political Terrorists

The National Party crisis and Labor's inconsistency on coal

Episode image

5th Feb 2020

Episode 34: Who Do You Want at Your BBQ?

Sport Rort Fallout and New Greens Leadership

Episode image

22nd Jan 2020

Episode 33: SPRORTS... It's just not cricket

Hugh and PVO are talking sports club funding and the pro's and cons of democracy.

Episode image

14th Jan 2020

Episode 32: Meeting and Beating

With the fires still burning Hugh and PVO discuss polls, climate change, and emissions.

Episode image

7th Jan 2020

Episode 31: Australian Fires Rage

Hugh and PVO are back after an eventful Christmas period.

Episode image

22nd Dec 2019

Episode 30: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Hugh and PVO look back at the year that was and look ahead to 2020.

Episode image

15th Dec 2019

Episode 29: Now's Not the Time...

Hugh and PVO discuss MYEFO, Boris Johnson and climate change.

Episode image

8th Dec 2019

The P.M. Dodges Questions While Albo Straddles A Barbed-Wire Fence

The year winds down as Hugh and Peter look at Labor strategy

Episode image

1st Dec 2019

Episode 27: Wrong but Effective

Hugh and PVO are on a shopping spree!!

Episode image

24th Nov 2019

Episode 26: Chinese Spies and Evil Bankers

Hugh and Peter convene again to discuss the Chinese spy drama and Westpac's woes.

Episode image

17th Nov 2019

Episode 25: Australia Burns

PVO and Hugh are in the studio discussing the current bushfires.

Episode image

3rd Nov 2019

Episode 24: Back At It

The Professor and The Hack are back in the studio talking Syria

Episode image

7th Oct 2019

Episode 23: Sport and Politics

Catalina and PVO discuss politics and sport

Episode image

2nd Oct 2019

Episode 22: PVO vs PMO

Hugh is away so 10 News First's Catalina Florez sits in the 'Hack' chair to talk to PVO

Episode image

8th Sep 2019

Episode 21: Mandatory Drug Testing?

Hugh and PVO discuss Jackie Lambie, mandatory drug testing, planes and PVO’s dinner date

Episode image

1st Sep 2019

Episode 20: Perception Matters in a Democracy

Hugh and Peter tackle immigration, pollie perks and Sussex Street.

Episode image

25th Aug 2019

Episode 19: A.I. Economy

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss Donald Trump and the G7

Episode image

20th Aug 2019

Episode 18: Walk and Chew Gum

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss the upcoming American state dinner

Episode image

4th Aug 2019

Episode 17: A Delicate Dance

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss Scomo and Albo's strategies

Episode image

16th Jul 2019

Episode 16: The Full Bottle

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss Josh Frydenberg's citizenship

Episode image

23rd Jun 2019

Episode 15: Virtue Signalling

Hugh Riminton is joined by Professor of Media at Macquarie University Catharine Lumby

Episode image

16th Jun 2019

Episode 14: Crossbench Power

Hugh Riminton chats to Mark Kenny about Scott Morrison's legislative agenda.

Episode image

11th Jun 2019

Episode 13: Leakers and Whistleblowers

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss the AFP raids on journalists

Episode image

2nd Jun 2019

Episode 12: Hard to Dis-Lodge

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss the Religious Freedom Act and picking a legacy

Episode image

26th May 2019

Episode 11: Battle Of The Pragmatists

Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen discuss Albo as the leader of the ALP

Episode image

20th May 2019

Episode 10: P.V.O.'s Final Prediction

Peter and Hugh wade through the election aftermath

Episode image

15th May 2019

Episode 9: A Try After The Siren?

Peter and Hugh examine the final pitches

Episode image

13th May 2019

Episode 8: Tacking In The Same Direction

Peter and Hugh look at the latest happenings in the final week of the election campaign.

Episode image

9th May 2019

Episode 7: Winning Ugly

Who won the final leaders debate?

Episode image

2nd May 2019

Episode 6: Look To The Itinerary

Murky preference deals.

Episode image

23rd Apr 2019

Episode 5: The Small Target Technique

Peter and Hugh discuss the value of knowing when to 'do little'

Episode image

18th Apr 2019

Episode 4: Dodging Questions

The lead up to the election

Episode image

16th Apr 2019

Episode 3: The Moments That Count

Hugh and Peter look at voter disillusionment

Episode image

14th Apr 2019

Episode 2: A Starker Than Usual Choice

Peter and Hugh discuss the modern voter, disparate values within the parties and funding c

Episode image

14th Apr 2019

Episode 1: Bill Shorten's Election to Lose

The federal election has been called so it is game on!