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About the Podcast

The podcast, featuring 10 News First journalist Lia Harris in conversation with Natarsha Belling, investigates the mysterious disappearance of three-year-old William Tyrell from his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall, New South Wales, on 12 September 2014.

It is produced in consultation with William’s foster parents, who also feature exclusively in the podcast. It is the first time his foster parents have given an interview about the case in four years.

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19th Nov 2021

A New Direction

New developments

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19th Oct 2020

Not Her Mantle

The latest inquest hearings have wrapped up. The court heard some testimony not known about previously including a nasty exchange in the courtroom, more about the transition of the case from former lead detective Gary Jubelin to current lead detective David Laidlaw and for the first time, the words of William’s big sister as she grows up without her brother.

Lia discusses all of this and what it means for the future with criminologist and forensic scientist Dr Xanthe Mallett.

You can contact this show by emailing whereswilliam@networkten.com.au

If you know anything that can assist with solving this case, please contact police or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000

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19th Apr 2020



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16th Apr 2020

More Questions Than Answers

Guilty on all four counts

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29th Mar 2020

No Closer

The March inquest

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21st Feb 2020

Was it an Accident?

Gary Jubelin is in court and new theories in the William Tyrrell case

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10th Sep 2019

Five Long Years

Five years have passed since William disappeared.

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29th Aug 2019

A Fleeting Moment

Another week at the inquest

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23rd Aug 2019

Faded Memories

The inquest is in Taree on the Mid North Coast for the week.

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16th Aug 2019

BONUS: Inquest Week 2 Update

week two of the coronial inquest

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15th Aug 2019

Secrets and Suspicions

Week 2 of the inquest and two major pieces of new information emerge.

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8th Aug 2019

Anything is Possible

Natarsha and Lia discuss everything that came out of the first week of the August inquest

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1st Aug 2019


Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss Gary Jubelin's day in court

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24th Jul 2019

Breaking Point

Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss the inquest and William's foster parents speak out

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21st Jul 2019

Weeks, Months, Years

Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss Gary and the strike force pursuing all avenues

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18th Jul 2019

Strike Force

Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss the William Tyrrell investigation

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14th Jul 2019


Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss the search for the missing boy

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7th Jul 2019

One Last Roar

Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss the hours that followed William's disappearance

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30th Jun 2019

Two Families

Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss William Tyrrell's early life

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23rd Jun 2019

The Little Boy in the Spiderman Suit

10 News First's Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling discuss the William Tyrrell case